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Hello Friends,

The Apostleship of the Sea of the United States  of America (Also known as AOS-USA) and Catholic Cruises and Tours can  use your help by supporting our onboard Priest Program and at the same  time, we would like to create a fundraiser for your organization.  Our  average fundraiser for your organization could raise $4500.

AOS-USA reports to the United States Bishops Conference and the main office of AOS in the Vatican.

We  are looking for your help and would like to help you raise money at the  same time.  By running a group cruise through your organization this  will raise money for your charities and help support our continued  efforts to keep putting Priest on the cruise lines, Thus helping  Catholics bring their faith on a journey.  We offer Mass daily onboard  all of the ships, along with offering crew support, counseling, while  also taking care of the needs of the sick.

We are the  organization that vet the Priest for the Cruise Line Industry.  Every  Priest that you see on Holland America, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Seabourn  and MSC are vetted through The Apostleship of the Sea of the United  States of America.

Please call our office 860-399-1785 and speak  with Eileen. She can discuss how easy it is to run a group sailing  onboard a cruise line.  It takes very little effort and people usually  travel anyway.  So why not make some money for your church while they  are taking a vacation.

Groups are a great way of getting family and friends together for a wonderful vacation while helping a worthy cause.

If  you would like to have your Priest come onboard the sailing with your  group. Please contact us so we can discuss how to make that happen.

Doug Payette

Executive Director

Catholic Cruises and Tours-- A Partnering Member of The Apostleship of the Sea of the United States of America

Reservation Phone 860-399-1785

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